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Hello and welcome to ‘The Musings of Angela’
I have actually been writing a blog for four years called ‘Carries Closet‘ so this is not uncharted territory. However at the end of last year my life changed a fair bit in that I put my acting career on hold which in all honesty was not going anywhere fast and I moved from the big smoke of London to the leafy suburbs of Hertfordshire. I have been here for almost four months and life is good. However I did lose my writing mojo and as I was paying out for a domain and hosting I felt pressure to write something despite not feeling like it. And we all began writing blogs for the love of writing right?

So I have taken the decision to close down my original blog and start from scratch which is daunting as I will undoubtedly lose followers, lose potential collaborators and basically am starting from point zero. But I am actually getting my writing juices back and have already made some contacts and writing a guest post for another blog about travel anxiety very soon.

So what to expect from this blog. A bit of everything really, just how I started out. Food, travel, music, theatre, lifestyle and quite a bit on anxiety.

I hope you will join me on this journey and welcome to my musings!



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