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Five outfits I currently love

During lock down I have invested a lot of time over on my Instagram and I never thought taking shots of what I wore would a) interest people or b) I would have the confidence to do. This week I have even been shooting outdoors with my tripod in public spaces – who even am I?! Outfit posts are my most popular posts surprisingly. I am no fashionista I wear what I like when I like. Having that state of mind and confidence is definitely for me an age thing.
So here is a round up of some I have taken over the last three months. Most of the clothes are old or eBay purchases so wont be able to link sorry!

Dress: New Look
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: TU at Sainsburys
Dungaree Dress: TU at Sainsburys
Vest top: Primark
Skirt: New Look
Top: Lion King the Musical
Denim Jacket: New Look
Tshirt: Lion King the Musical
Shorts: Pep & Co
Shoes: Converse

Hope you are all well and doing okay. Love to read your comments and thanks for reading.


27 thoughts on “Five outfits I currently love

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  1. I love those outfits and how you styled them! They are all so cute and I can see why they are your top five favorites right now! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Nice to see a post about wearing old clothes! I just published a post about the perils of fast fashion and one of my tips was shopping your closet and putting together outfits by mixing and matching. I love how you paired the Lion King t-shirt with different bottoms for 2 different looks!


  3. This is a lovely post, I love the dungarees – they’re so cute! Thank you for sharing your outfits, I am needing to update my wardrobe so it’s really helpful 🙂

    Love, Em x


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